Patient Lift Accessories for Comfort and Convenience

Medcare accessories are used in conjunction with Medcare patient lifts, lift slings, and lift belts to expand utility and comfort.

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Sheepskin Cover for Sit to Stand Belt

Used in conjunction with the Stand Lift Belt, the soft sheepskin cover provides an added level of comfort and reduces slippage, keeping the belt in place.

  • 400106 – Small Sheepskin Cover
  • 400100 – Medium Sheepskin Cover
  • 400102 – Large Sheepskin Cover
  • 400104 – X-Large Sheepskin Cover
  • 400085 – Medium Stand Belt and Sheepskin Cover Combination
  • 400086 – Large Stand Belt and Sheepskin Cover Combination

Mesh Sling Bag for Patient Lifts 

This mesh bag attaches to your Medcare Patient Lifts, Sit to Stand Lifts or Car Extractor for convenient storage of your slings and belts. Dimensions 16"w X 15"h

Sling Bag

  • 400094 – Mesh Sling Bag


Patient Accessory Documentation

Sales Sheet - PDF - Click here for more information.

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