Medcare Ceiling Lifts Solve a Problem

Preventing back injuries from manually transferring patients is a top priority for healthcare facilities today. Ceiling lifts are a popular solution and can be installed in many types of rooms: patient rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms, morgues, etc. With the right mix of ceiling and floor lifts, proper training, and a fully implemented safe handling program, like Medcare’s Zero Back Injury System, facilities can drastically reduce transfer-related back injuries!

Healthcare facilities look for advice from their architect. Educating yourself and your firm on how ceiling lifts work and why they are important for reducing injuries at a hospital or nursing home gives you a competitive advantage during the bidding process.


Solving Problems Through Design

Ensure you are designing a facility with the latest patient transfer-related equipment available for your customer—a design with ceiling lift and floor lifts will help to reduce and nearly eliminate nurse transfer-related back injuries. Although Ceiling Lifts can be retrofitted in to an existing room, they are less expensive to install when designed into new construction or during remodeling.


Examples of Questions Architects Ask a Facility and Medcare Regarding Ceiling Lifts

  • What rooms/departments would benefit by having a ceiling lift? (Patient/resident rooms, physical therapy, morgue, emergency rooms, bathing areas, ICUs, bariatric ward, etc)
  • What weight capacity needs to be lifted in the room?
  • What type of upper structure or ceiling structure above the drop ceiling is needed to support the weight being lifted?
  • What type of support structure is needed to secure a bariatric ceiling lift?
  • How do I accommodate for door headers?
  • In a private room, does the track need to go into a bathroom?
  • How many spots in a room does the ceiling lift need to cover?
  • Is the facility also purchasing floor lifts? If yes, where should the lifts be stored? Do I need to design storage area for the floor lifts?


Learn More About Medcare Ceiling Lifts

For help in determining the answers to these questions and more, schedule a Lunch & Learn with a Medcare Ceiling Lift specialist today!

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