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MedCare Installation Of Patient Lifts is Second to None

December 11th, 2015 · No Comments

Hospitals, clinics, and care facilities are some of the busiest environments. Staff and patients are always either occupying or moving to and from rooms. A smoothly functioning operation is essential to ensuring the best care and maximizing efficiency. You can imagineor you may have experiencedthe concern, frustration, and disruptions caused when a contractor or other outside construction crew has to conduct necessary work in the middle of it all. At MedCare, we understand all of these pressure and make every measure to ensure that we minimize apprehension, delays, and disruption.

The first part of a successful installation involves planningdown to the hours involved, logistics and effective communication. We try to alleviate concern. This concern is most often the result of a lack of information. We believe that our clients should be aware of what to expect at every stage of the process. To that end, we try to convey details from the very first phone conversation, through meetings, emails, process timelines, documentation, and as many face-to-face meetings as are needed. We understand that day-to-day operations may have to be altered and that care staff on more than one shift may have to be briefed and directed. Our goal is to work within the parameters set forward by the facility to minimize disruption to all stakeholders. There is not better feedback then when a customer is surprised that we are already done.

We know that no two installations are identical. Installations can present challenges and planning is the only way to be ready for them – this eliminates the “unknowns”. The expertise and experience of our Project Managers and installation crews compensate for any variables. And again, most issues are avoided by our thorough preparation. MedCare is unique in its ability to install anywhere in the country at the same high level of service with ease and efficiency. When it comes to the installation of ceiling lifts in any type of facility, MedCare is second to none.

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MedCare Training on Patient Lift Devices Means Improved Safety

November 16th, 2015 · No Comments

When we at MedCare talk about total support, we mean what we say. An essential component of our comprehensive approach to our mission is comprehensive training. We take pride in providing the best possible initial and ongoing education to our clients and their staff. The best design and engineering in a patient lift device has little benefit unless the user is properly trained.

Whenever we install a new patient lift or other type of equipment, we provide on-site training to prevent operator error from the very beginning. Training sessions can be customized to meet the needs and schedules of your facility. We can provide refresher training or updates for experienced staff or specialized training for new employees. In addition to in-person classes and personalized instruction, we offer 24/7 total support. We have a complete compliment of training videos on our website for all of our products. If an employee has any questions about patient lift use, they can call us or consult the appropriate video online. Additionally, we offer custom program development and advocacy programs.

Our clients frequently talk about our instructors in safe patient care handling as being not only a part of our team, but also a part of their care team. That’s because we think that our people are our most important asset. The relationships they build with our clients set us apart. Words we hear over and over again about our customer service and training are “dependable, personal, and friendly.” That applies anywhere in the country where we do business. Yes, our equipment is safe, well engineered, and designed using the most technology. Our staff knows each device inside and out. We want you and your staff to be equally comfortable with our products. Your safety and the safety of your patients is our foremost concern.

The trust and confidence we have in our team is translated to your team through great training, 24-hour response, and our commitment of total support. Think of MedCare when it comes to patient lift devices and equipment, and especially when it comes to the best in safe patient handling training.

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Medcare: A Simple Idea Gone High Tech

October 31st, 2015 · No Comments

The laws of physics date back to the ancient Greeks. One of their key contributions was that they demonstrated how simple tools can make our work easier. Archimedes is often quoted as saying, “Give me a lever long enough and I can move the world.” Our patient lift products at Medcare Products are much more sophisticated than the ancient devices of the Greeks, though they are founded on the same principles and they achieve much the same goal: They help one individual accomplish a task that had required the manual labor of many.

 For generations, health care has favored a hands-on approach, with nurses and aides assisting and guiding patients in their movements. That is still ideal. Medical professionals have long known that a personal and comforting surroundings creates the optimal environment for healing. Yet studies have shown that risk of injury – both to staff members and patients – often increases when lifting and moving these individuals. The personal approach, combined with the immediate needs of patients, has kept health care personnel in hands-on mode for too long in situations where it’s just not appropriate or safe.

 That’s where Medcare comes in. We have surpassed other lift device firms to provide a comprehensive approach that still allows, even enhances, a personal approach. As one provider said, “If you’re not worried about losing your grip on someone, you can focus on care and comfort.” We actually accentuate the power of the individual, enabling safe one-on-one care. With our patient lift products, user training, and customer service, Medcare covers all aspects of safety and efficiency. We not only provide the most innovative patient lifts (Archimedes would be amazed!); we specialize in installation and take all the time necessary to ensure your staff is fully knowledgeable on use, function, and when to call for prompt service. While we’ve come a long way from the simple machines of the ancient Greeks, the principals of maximizing a caregiver’s capabilities is still foremost in our thoughts. 

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MedCare Products Helps Stop Staff Injuries

August 18th, 2015 · No Comments

The means to mitigate nursing and caregiver injuries due to lifting is readily available to hospitals, along with the expertise to adapt facilities and train staff. Institutions around the country are implementing safe patient handling programs as they realize it’s in their best interests, as well as those of their staff and patients. MedCare Products is ready and able to respond to these needs with our patient lifts and medical safety equipment.

Evidence of the need was made apparent in a recent article in Modern Healthcare magazine. Reporter Adam Rubenfire tells the story of how a nurse in Ohio tore a muscle by helping a patient move to a chair. After the injury she was limited to light duty, but was ultimately unable to return to full duty due to complications of surgery. She was one of the more experienced nurses at the facility, and the situation threatened to end or severely limit her nursing career as well as impact her care team with the loss of a valuable employee.

The article cites federal experts in saying that “sparse use of devices to help patients move is the single biggest reason why healthcare workers have one of the highest rates of occupational musculoskeletal injuries in the U.S.” The article also reports that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would soon be expanding its enforcement regarding patient handling. OSHA head Dr. David Michaels was quoted as saying that nearly all worker injuries in hospitals and health care facilities in the country were preventable. Dr. William Buchta of Mayo Clinic is an occupational medicine physician who is also in charge of overseeing safe patient handling for the Rochester, MN-based clinic. He says one of the best ways to be prepared for patient handling issues is to determine and log those needs for each individual when they enter the facility. He told Modern Healthcare that it’s time for the healthcare industry to “step up to the plate” and handle patients properly, while at the same time protecting its nurses from disability.

MedCare Products is prepared with the latest in equipment, training and related services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your employees from injury and serve your customers better with our patient lifts and medical safety equipment.

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MedCare Lifts Aid in Preventing Injury to Patients and Caregivers |Rochester, MN

July 1st, 2015 · No Comments

It’s clear that patient lifts are an essential part of any type of modern health care facility. Whether hospital, medical clinic, nursing home or specialized care institution, the traditional modes of moving patients from wheelchair to bed or from therapy to bed entail more risk, not only to the patient, but also to the staff. That’s where MedCare Products comes in. We stand ready with the latest in safety, service and know how in patient lift devices.

The case for patient safety is obvious. No institution wants to endanger their patients or even have them lose confidence in their caregivers.  Patients and family alike should have the same level of confidence.  They should feel assured that staff members are properly trained and transferring the patient using the safest means possible.

As most firefighters know, you can move almost anything in an emergency, provided you have enough help. Yet in a busy care facility, especially at night, availability of staff may be limited. With modern, portable and well-designed lifts, the number of staff members needed to perform a transfer is substantially reduced without compromising patient care.  Staff are free to focus on other more pressing patient care matters that having to assist with a transfer.

A National Bureau of Labor Statistics report for 2013 on musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses showed that nursing assistants rank just behind firefighters in injuries causing lost workdays. In fact, orderlies lead the rankings, far above the injuries experienced by construction workers. One of the greatest examples of what medical lifts can do to keep employees on the job was reported earlier this year by National Public Radio. According to the story, when the Veteran’s Administration introduced patient lifts into its facilities, workplace injuries for nurses decreased by 40 percent. In a recent four-year period, according to the story, Loma Linda VA Hospital in California spent nearly a million dollars for substitute workers due to back injuries. This last year, after lifts were installed, those costs disappeared altogether.

Lifts make sense – for the patient, for the staff, and for the institution. Education and behavioral change have to happen as well. Even when they’re present, some staff ignore lifts because they think they take too much time to use. Training and supportive policies can lead the way from chronic injuries to a safer environment for all. Let MedCare show you how our patient lift products and training can make your operation more efficient and safe for all concerned.



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At MedCare, Our Goal Is Safety as Well as Service

June 30th, 2015 · No Comments

As our website will tell you, the origins of MedCare are of a company that started from scratch and quickly developed a focus on being the most responsive “Safe Patient Handling” company in the industry. We emphasize the quality of our customer service, the efficiency and dependability of our equipment, and the training of our staff. Yet, when you get beyond the operational aspects of our business, our ultimate goal is the same as yours: improving patient care. If you, our client, cannot efficiently and safely transfer patients, we know that other aspects of their care will be compromised.

We do not even want to think about the potential of failing our patients or staff. In this day and age of statistical analysis, individuals become numbers far too often. When those statistics have to do with transfer mishaps or injuries, we often overlook the human factors. Furthermore, we need to ask ourselves if we have put the measures in place to ensure that we have reduced the risk of such errors reoccurring.

Our founding goal was to do all we could to eliminate these instances through constantly improving our equipment, making sure our clients were well trained in its use, and offering timely maintenance. We try not to lose sight of how our products can impact the lives of those in need. We were recently informed about an ALS patient who was able to access hospital services more effectively with the use of one of our products. This positively impacted their life and that of the caregivers who could help move the patient safely and without anxiety. We would encourage you to look into how you can support those with ALS further by participating in the Walk to Defeat ALS in your community.

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MedCare Clients Validate Our Products, Service

June 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Quality, safety, accountability – these are all resounding themes in healthcare today. While our record speaks for itself, nothing tells our story more clearly and transparently than our own customers. Unsolicited comments and endorsements from site managers and other clients in healthcare best convey why MedCare is the finest choice in patient lifts and medical safety equipment.

Elim Rehab and Nursing Home in Watertown, MN experienced nine months without any patient back injuries or time lost after becoming a customer of our lift products. Murphy Medical Center in North Carolina shared equally satisfied reactions: “It all comes down to two things; you guys have a good product that we are happy with, and you have provided excellent service to us.” They especially appreciated being able to switch-out batteries between MedCare equipment and noted that their staff wasn’t tied up with routine maintenance. They praised our service and how it freed them from lost time.

Debbie Hurlbert from Health East Care System says, “Two things stood out about MedCare: One was their customer service. The customer service was exceptional. All I have to do is call and they come. The other is that they weren’t just our vendor; they wanted to be our partner.” Before working with MedCare, she says one of their hospitals experienced 65 back injuries among its staff. After switching to our equipment and training, that statistic for the same statistical period has dropped to only five injuries. Debbie also says there is a new culture of safety and awareness at her facilities.

And then there is Pat Conway, who has ALS. He was using an older device that a friend had loaned him. It clearly needed some kind of maintenance, but just what wasn’t clear. We answered an email form Pat and his wife Kathy on Christmas Eve. The rest was a matter of follow through.

“In person, Todd (from Operations) quickly located and solved the true problem. He replaced many of the worn pieces of our 1997 vintage device, returned the functioning actuator, and reimbursed us for the newly-purchased one, all within the half-hour. Now, our “Sit to Stand” device works and looks better than ever. I cannot thank MedCare enough for the service, and mostly, the peace of mind this gives us.”

Our products and services certainly speak for themselves, but nothing expresses our quality and commitment better than our clients.

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Why Patient Lifts are Needed in Healthcare Settings

April 21st, 2015 · No Comments

In any typical job posting for an office position, you will likely see this phrase: “Position may require occasional lifting of up to 20 pounds.” For America’s healthcare staff, that’s far below the minimum weight that nurses and doctors lift every day, or even every hour! The typical nursing description will more likely say 50 pounds of lifting is required— an underestimated amount, even on a good day.

Though MedCare Products proudly supplies lifts to hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities today, patient lifts haven’t been around all that long. The first patient lift was patented in 1955, and since then they are becoming increasingly used in healthcare facilities across the US. However, it is not until recently that nursing advocacy groups have begun to push for safer working conditions. Many nurses that began their careers in the ’60s and ’70s had to lift patients without the use of any lifting devices.

The healthcare industry is among the top five with the highest rates of injury and illness. For every 100 employees, there are between 7-9 incidents of injury. Though some of this applies to exposure to illnesses, pathogens, and disease, a large percentage is directly related to back injuries from lifting and positioning patients.

By encouraging safe patient handling and the utilization of transfer aids, work injuries and lost time can be reduced dramatically. Patient lifts, sit-to-stand lifts, and other transfer aids reduce the demand put on nurses and the fatigue associated with frequent lifting requirements. In the end, nurses will be able to extend their working careers because their health and safety, as well as the health and safety of the patients, has been thought of and cared for.

An investment in patient handling equipment is an investment in the bottom line of your healthcare facility by lowering worker’s compensation claims and turnover rates. The impact on employee morale can only have a positive impact on their ability to care for your clients and help keep your organization running smoothly.

MedCare is here to provide you with the most advanced technology available to meet the needs of your facility. From ceiling lifts to lifts to get patients out of automobiles, Medcare has an answer for any lifting scenario. To speak with a consultant in your area, please visit our website.

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NPR Explores Physical Toll of Lifting Patients Manually

April 8th, 2015 · No Comments

In February, National Public Radio (NPR) aired a series examining the strain and danger for healthcare workers from manually lifting patients. From strained backs to injured spines, caretakers are not safe from injury when lifting patients through physical strength alone, even with proper techniques. MedCare Products exists for this very reason – to keep both the patient and caretaker free from injury and harm.

William Marras, director of the Spine Center at Ohio State University, has stated that “There’s no safe way to do it with body mechanics.” Marras goes on to say that although nurses and other clinical staff may be trained in proper lifting techniques to reduce back strain, there is no way to avoid injury, strain, and back damage when using the body as a lifting agent. Medical lifting equipment aids caretakers to make the lift process safer, easier, and more reliable.

Patient lifting is a strenuous task, and Marras suggests lifting a patient only when mechanics and aid equipment are available to ease the transfer. Furthermore he debunks the safety myth that it is easier to lift a patient without equipment when there are two nurses present…which is entirely false. For more information on Marras’ study, please view the article here.

After understanding research surrounding patient lifting, it is apparent a solution is needed to both reduce strain on clinical staff and to ensure patients are still being lifted properly and safely. This is where physicians and scientists recommend patient lifts. A patient lift is an assisting device that helps in transferring patients from one location to another when mobility is limited. Patient lifts do the hard work of lifting so your back doesn’t have to – a perfect solution to what Marras has presented in his recent studies.

From transfer lifts to hoist lifts and ceiling lifts, all are incredibly useful to a caretaker. Patient lifts come in all shapes, sizes, and types, so it is important to choose a lift that is right for the situation of both the caretaker and patient. It’s also important to note that with patient lifts, training and understanding of the equipment is necessary. Just as healthcare workers can be injured lifting a patient with no mechanical assistance, so can healthcare workers or the patient be injured if a lift is used incorrectly. When used correctly, efficiently, and safely, patient lifts provide a healthy alternative to the back strain caused by lifting patients manually.

Purchasing a patient lift to properly transfer patients with reduced mobility is not a task that should be put on a list for a later date. Reduce back strain, injury, and accidents and purchase a medical lift as soon as you are aware one will be needed. Call the professionals at MedCare Products. We will gladly help you choose a lift that is right for you. Say no to injury and yes to safety by purchasing a patient lift that fits your needs today.

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How Portable Ceiling Lifts Make it Safe and Simple to Transport Patients

March 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Patient lifts are incredibly helpful for many reasons – less back strain for caregivers, increased mobility for patients, seamless mobility after injury, and ease for many home health needs. In Rochester, MN, MedCare Products is available for consultation, product sales, and FAQs as you review your needs, your patients’ needs, and the architectural space where a lift may be placed. If you are currently considering the purchase of a patient lift, a portable ceiling lift can be an excellent option for enhanced flexibility and usage.

Portable ceiling lifts offer the same quality and features as traditional patient lifts while adding the ability to move from one room to another. This increases both a caregiver and patient’s ability to move about with the same equipment – an efficient use of both time and resources. Though there is nothing wrong with a traditional lift, there is immense benefit in utilizing a single piece of equipment throughout your home, thus reducing the need to purchase several similar products.

Some think portable lifts may not be as sturdy as a traditional lift that is placed permanently in a specific location. This is simply untrue. Portable lifts have the incredible capacity of holding between 400-600 pounds, thus showcasing the power and strength that exist in this quality equipment. No need to worry – a portable lift will ensure proper safety, care, and mobility for all!

If you are interested in a lift but do not want to commit to specific room placement, or want to reduce costs and purchase a single lift, the portable patient lift may be right for you. Offering mobility, flexibility, and quality, MedCare Products can help you find the right product for both patient and caregiver. For portable patient lifts in Rochester, MN call MedCare Products today!

Want more information on how to use the portable ceiling lift? Check out our video:

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