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Preparation Tips for Lifting and Moving a Patient

February 27th, 2015 · No Comments

There are certain things in life to do quickly – pay your bills, respond to emails, pick up dropped food (five second rule?), etc. Though this is true in these areas, lifting and transferring patients is not one of them. The patient lift process must be handled with care, patience, and competence. With a patient’s and caregiver’s wellbeing on the line, we cannot stress this enough. Part of this process includes a careful pre-lift examination of the environment. A thorough review before lifting can save you from a potential accident. MedCare Products exists to not only provide you with the right patient lifts right here in Rochester, MN, but the patient safety equipment and information needed to use these products wisely.

Whether patients are in need of transfer lifts in a hospital setting, nursing home setting, or in-home setting, the environment can vary immensely. This is why it’s important to review the environment before lifting a patient and suffering injury or physical strain. Here are safety tips to prepare the environment with care:

1. Review surroundings and assess the patient- does this environment require a one- or two-person patient lift?

2. Make sure the surroundings are clear of obstruction and there are no obstacles interfering with a safe transfer.

3. Move the lift’s base legs near or around the patient’s bed, wheelchair, or other device. Base legs are more stable when they are in full, open position.

4. Make sure the environment allows you to position the lift correctly, including the correct height, to safely transfer the patient.

5. Before you begin, is there ample space for the lift to pivot to the receiving area? If not, clear obstructions and move any objects that are present.

6. Can the lift fit under or around the receiving surface, through the doorways, and in other areas needed to transfer the patient? Similar to step 5, be sure to clear any object obstructing your path for a safe lift.

Following these safety tips will benefit both the caregiver and the patient. Proceed in lifting and transferring patients with care, caution, and above all, patience. A little impatience during the lift process can mean a bigger injury ‑ a risk not worth taking. Stay safe, and be sure to read up on safety tips, usage best practices, and more.

At MedCare Products, safety is a primary value. We have excellent products that will provide you with a solid foundation of safety, and our excellent staff members will provide detailed consultation before you use our products. Care for your loved ones correctly – be patient, wise, and cautious when lifting. Give the friendly faces of MedCare Products a call today for medical patient lifts and patient safety equipment!

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