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How to Use Patient Lifts Safely Every Time

March 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

Transferring, lifting, moving, and assisting – seems simple and self-explanatory, right? Well, not always. Although assisting patients with mobility appears to be straightforward, there are many tips to ensure safety, increase effectiveness, and eliminate consequences from patient lift misuse. To get the most out of your patient lift, be sure you are using all functions properly. This will not only be easier, but safer.

In an article authored by the FDA, many tips are recommended for enhanced patient and caregiver safety. Checking the patient’s physical capabilities, medical conditions, and mental status will allow the caregiver to assess the situation, make a plan for mobility, and proceed accordingly. Without checking these three core functions, the patient may be at risk of injury or may not understand the lift process. It is important for patients and caregivers to maintain a collaborative partnership to ensure safety and effectiveness are upheld for both parties.

Here are the three core areas the FDA recommends reviewing with your patient before beginning the transfer or lift process:

Physical Capabilities

– Can the patient help with the transfer?
– What is the patient’s weight? Physical condition? Is the appropriate lift being used?
– How many caregivers are needed to safely lift the patient?

Medical Conditions

– Do you have the correct lift and sling for the patient’s condition?
– Will the lift worsen the patient’s medical conditions?

Mental Status

– Is the patient alert? Can they understand instructions?
– Make sure the patient is ready to be placed in a lift and transferred. Note: the transfer should be avoided if the patient is agitated, resistant, or combative.

Following this checklist will not only allow a safe transfer for patients and caregivers, but it will enhance the teamwork between the two. Safety, collaboration, and understanding are needed for long-term use of medical lifts. At MedCare Products, we have both the lift products and understanding staff to help kick start the use of the patient lift. Give MedCare products a call today!

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