Medcare products, medcare testimonial, product reviewCongratulations to one of our favorite clients, Elim Home in Watertown! With the help of our equipment and a committed safety team, they have accomplished 9 months of ZERO BACK INJURY & ZERO TIME LOST! In celebration, Medcare sponsored a BBQ for the staff.  Thank you for your hard work!  Your safety is our success!
"We have bragging rights!" -Ann Mallack (Safety Manager, Elim Home - Watertown)








Our reasons for preferring Medcare:

  • Made in USA
  • No plastic hooks
  • Sewn in loop attachments
  • Washable slings
  • Because we had Medcare in house, we had the ability to share batteries as needed
  • Common equipment meant no maintenance headaches for our staff
  • Great service
  • Our staff (who thought they knew it all) enjoyed having your representative, Praxedes, here and said they learned new stuff!
    It all comes down to two things. You guys have a good product that we are happy with and you have provided excellent service to us.  We are happy and will continue the relationship with you and Medcare.
    Russ Paine
    Murphy Medical

    As the effects of ALS continue to deplete my body of function, I am becoming more and more dependent on my primary caregiver, Kathy, who also happens to be my wife.  I am 6’0” and at the onset of my illness was 220 pounds.  Kathy is 5’3” 125, so we needed a process to help her help me.
    Good friends had loaned us a “Sit to Stand” unit from Medcare Products in Burnsville MN.  It solved our struggles, allowing Kathy and me to be independent – together.
    The unit, while functional, had been stored in my friend’s garage for some time and at about Christmas time, it began making screeching sounds.  After the Christmas festivities were over for the day, I sent an email to Medcare, and much to my surprise, got a return email that night- Christmas night.
    Through an exchange of my vague emails, we diagnosed the problem with the unit.  The actuator- the electrical part that would lift my weight- sounded like it was dying.  As time passed, the noise worsened, so we decided to replace it.  The new actuator arrived and was installed, but the noise returned.
    I called Medcare and was put in touch with Todd, in the Operations Department.  He considered the possibility of problematic joints, recommending a lubricant.  After I tried this, the issue was not yet resolved.  Living in Minnetonka MN, with Burnsville being 20 minutes away, we made arrangements to meet with Todd at Medcare’s office.
    In person, Todd quickly located and solved the true problem.  He replaced many of the worn pieces of our 1997 vintage device, returned the functioning actuator, and reimbursed us for the newly-purchased one, all within the half-hour.  Now, our “Sit to Stand” device works and looks better than ever.  I cannot thank Medcare enough for the service, and mostly, the peace of mind this gives us.
    Pat & Kathy Conway

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