Slings for Patient Lifts

Medcare produces a wide range of slings for lifts that adapt to the many different transfer needs of caregivers and their patients. Our lift slings are assembled from advanced fabrics and materials that are extremely durable, yet pliable enough to conform to the contours of almost every body type. The rip stop polyester fabric is similar to fabrics used to create military-issue gear and clothing, and will not rip if punctured or torn. Medcare's patient lift slings feature a 4-point hook-up system which can withstand up to one ton of weight and pressure. The system is also comfortable for patients during transfer.

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Anti-Microbial Protection

In addition to being strong and durable, our slings are treated with antimicrobial protection that lasts for the life of the sling. You and your patients can use our slings with peace of mind knowing that our special treatment thwarts the growth of dangerous bacteria, microbes, viruses and other disease-causing micro-organisms. The antimicrobial treatment also blocks stains and odors caused by bodily fluids and other substances. 

We offer our slings in a variety of sizes, materials, and uses:


care sling with head support





multipurpose sling, amputee sling

walking slingrepositioning sling, stretcher slingcommode sling

turner slinglimb sling

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