Medcare Products Staff

Ross Walhof - Vice President of Sales

Direct Line: 952-894-7076 x126

I love my job because I truly enjoy working with all of the unique individuals who are part of the healthcare industry. I am a salesperson, and in healthcare that means building relationships with a variety of people in several different departments within an organization. Each of these people, and the departments they serve, participate in the success (or failure) of their Safe Patient Handling Program. All facilities, and their departments, from nursing, to education, to construction, to laundry, to the patients themselves, are made up of individual people with their own personalities, communication style, and passions. Each is as important as the next, and I truly enjoy getting to know them all.  Healthcare workers are the most dedicated and caring people on earth, and to work with them each day is something I love.

Dawn Player - Office Manager

Direct line: 952-300-2118

As Medcare's longest-standing employee, I've been here almost from its inception. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of touching the vast majority of our customers personally. I've also built some fantastic relationships with our clients and distributors. I think these relationships are the cornerstone of what we do here at Medcare and what makes us truly different from our competitors. It's a great feeling going home at the end of a long workday knowing that you've made a difference in the lives of others and given them an improved quality of living - not to mention restoring their faith in the fact that great customer service does still exist.

Bracken Kendrick - Operations Manager

Direct line: 952-300-2106

Brian Greene - Project Manager

Direct line: 952-300-2110

I’ve worked in the construction industry for 10+ years. I enjoy working for Medcare because we offer a great product and unprecedented customer service. It's nice working for a company that is so passionate about taking care of people and our clients. I look forward to maintaining and building long lasting relationships with all of our customers for years to come. 

Mark Flolo - Senior Safe Patient Handling Consultant

Direct Line: 612-245-1493

My safe patient handling drive stems from an accident, which left me with a broken neck. With the help of family, friends, caregivers, and many months of rehabilitation, I'm now able to pay back my gratitude. The knowledge and relationships I gained from my time spent in hospitals, both recovering, and as an OT, assist me in providing safe patient handling solutions, which, in turn, will change many lives.



Christine Snyder - Customer Service Representative

Direct Line: 952-300-2114

I have been in the customer service industry for 10+ years and as a result, I have developed a passion for providing superior service. I feel like I am truly a part of a team here at Medcare. We are a team that strives every day to exceed our customers’ expectations. We don’t just say we care about our customers, we live those words with everything we do. As far as my daily workday, I especially enjoy interacting with our dealers and I hope to continue to cultivate these relationships throughout my career at Medcare.


Todd Perrine - Support & Technical Sales Manager/Quality Assurance

Direct Line: 952-300-2101


Brett Peterson - Warehouse Manager

Direct Line: 952-300-2122



Dominic D’Arpino - General Manager

Direct Line: 952-300-2117



Kate Dare - Customer Service Representative

Direct Line: 952-300-2123

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